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Editorial Policy


We’ll post any non-controversial text document or article you’d think would be interesting to other club members.  Examples are personal experiences, travel adventures, jokes, poems, news from long-lost fellow retirees, your hobby or avocation, or even your “real work” accomplishments.  Photos only are displayed in the Photo Gallery section.


All material should be sent by postal mail or e-mail (preferred).  Postal-mailed contributions should be submitted on diskette or CD and must be typewritten.  Non-electronic documents will not be accepted.  Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) is preferred.  Embedded photos (.jpg or .gif) should be sized at 72 ppi.  Generally, all material will be converted to PDF before being posted.  You’ll need the latest Adobe Reader.


Send your contributions to:  Ralph Ehrich at his e-mail address.



Member Health Update:

[Please alert Sally Leach or Carolyn Goodrich with any member health updates … good or bad]



[Please alert Sally Leach or Carolyn Goodrich with any member deaths]


Other Stuff:


 Little Known Retiree Benefit: For BNA salaried retirees who qualify, a reimbursement for Medicare Part B premiums may be available. According to the information from Duane Hartman and Al Sandham, several retirees have been able to receive this benefit. Their claims were based on the Boeing document "Retiree Medical and Life Insurance Plan" dated 2006. Click to see cover page and details. They were also able to recover premium payments from previous years. Expect the "research" process to take several weeks.


Information from Bob Stanborough regarding Gwinnett County Real Estate taxes:  “I attended the public forum on the proposed tax increase for Gwinnett on June 2 in the am and ran into one of our fellow retirees.  He was not aware of the tax exemption offered to those of us over 65.  Bottom line it will exempt the school tax which is the largest part of the real estate taxes we pay in Gwinnett (and maybe all counties).  There are several senior exemptions available but the most lucrative to us is exemption L5A.  You can check it out on the Gwinnett County site—the bottom line is if you are 65 or older and line 15 on Georgia Form 500 (GA income tax form) is $80,742 or less you probably qualify.  The deduction is worthwhile and will result in a healthy reduction in taxes.”


A Brief History and Organization of North American Aviation.  From the Employee Handbook, The North American Way, circa 1960.