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1.E-mail your photos to Ralph Ehrich.In the text of your message, please identify the photo subjects and approximate date when photo taken.

2.Depending on the number of photos received, the photos below will be archived after three to six months



Columbus Group - December 2011


Standing, from the left: Ralph Hoffman, JG, Ray McFarland, Bob Martin, Bob Lewis, Dom Oravek, John Young, Pete Vrona, Leo Koslowski, Jack Shuter, Chuck Vermillion, Mike Ryan, John Bush, Jerry Condren.


Seated, from the left: Scot McCasland, Jim Berry, Ralph Rausch, Don Ramey, Al Leach, Jim Behal.




Columbus Group - July 2011


Back Row from left: Ralph Hoffman, Bill Andrews, Don Ramey, Ray McFarland, Bill Daniels, John Young, Dick Marsh,

Dom Oravec, Jerry Condren, Paul Emmert, Scot McCasland, Rich Galagher.


Center Row from left: Hal Sinder, Bob Martin, Otto Laster, John Garvey, Bill Bickel, Don Wallace, Bob Abell, Jack Shuter.


Front Row from left: Herm Enterline, Ralph Rausch, Joe Haas, Mike Ryan, Tony Shannon.  Not pictured - Dave Roscoe






Columbus MSD retirees at their December, 2008, gathering at the Mug n Jug

1. Tony Shannon, 2. Jack Shuter, 3. Dick Gallagher, 4. Jack Bighouse, 5. Pete Vrona, 6. Barney Barnes, 7. Dan Strominger, 8. Bob Abell, 9. Ernie Yezzi (hidden behind Bob), 10. Dave Roscoe, 11. Don Wallace, 12. Jim Berry, 13. John Young, 14 Hal Sinder, 15. Bill Bickel, 16. Dom Oravec, 17. Mike Ryan, 18. Paul Emmert, 19. Ed Buric, 20. Ralph Rausch, 21. Jim Behal,

22. Ralph Hoffman, 23. Chuck Vermillion, 24. Bob Lewis, 25. John Laboski (between the light shades), 27. Dick Marsh,

28. Don Ramey (behind the red light shade), 29. Leo Koslowski, 30. John Garvey, 31. Bob Martin, 32. John Sauer, 33. Joe Haas, 34. Mike Kenner, 35. Bob Swisher, 36. Bill Andrews, 37. Jim Bender, 38. Herm Enterline.Photo courtesy of John Garvey and Ralph Hoffman, who took shot this photo.

Columbus MSD retirees at their July 3, 2008, gathering at the Mug n Jug

From the left:Jack Shuter, Ike Thomas, John Strang, Bob Abel (seated in front), Jim Schwickert (in the back), Ralph Rausch, Bob Martin, Bob Knight (seated), Chuck Vermillion (seated), Don Wallace, John Young (way back), Jack Bighouse (seated), Jim Berry, Dick Marsh (seated), Otto Laster, Hal Sinder (in back), Leo Kozlowski (seated), Joe Haas, Ralph Hoffman (way back), Ed Burik, Dom Oravec (sideways), Barney Barnes (seated in front), Ray McFarland (seated), George Jacques (in back, visiting from S. Carolina), John Garvey and John Sauer.Max Breene was there but didn't make the picture.Photo courtesy of John Garvey (and the Mug n Jug barmaid)